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Centro Primo Levi with Fondazione CDEC, Milan
NYU Skirball Department for Hebrew and Judaic Studies
NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò


Racial Policies in Fascist Italy: New Documents and Perspectives


Nov 3, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm 
Center for Jewish History, Kovno Room
15 West 16th Street, New York
Admission is free.

English-language Holocaust literature has generally portrayed Italy as having saved a high percentage of its Jews from deportation and extermination. However, recent scholarship in Italy offers a more nuanced view of the facts. While Italian Jews were indeed saved in great numbers by Italians of all stripes, tens of thousands of Italians collaborated with the Gestapo in rounding up Jews, and roughly half of the arrests were actually made independently by Italians.

A full appraisal of the history of Fascism before and during the war is crucial to understanding the contradictions of the Italian case. Recent scholarship in Italy has challenged the claim that the Racial Laws were a byproduct of diplomatic relations with Germany and were left largely unenforced. In fact, new assessments of documents demonstrates that racial prejudice and policies were an integral part of the Fascist vision from the outset. This panel will display some of the revised scholarly work on Fascist antisemitism and the Holocaust in Italy that has been produced during the past twenty years.

David Engel (New York University)

Michele Sarfatti (Director of the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Milan)
The Fascist Anti-Semitic Legislation in Comparative Perspective
Annalisa Capristo (Center for American Studies in Rome)
Rethinking Fascist Anti-Semitism - a Historiographical Overview
Ilaria Pavan (University of Pisa)
The Neglected Spoliation. The Economic Consequences of the Fascist Anti-Jewish Persecution 1938-1945
Guri Schwarz (University of Pisa)
"Razza e Civiltà": Racism, Italian Culture and National Identity

Marion Kaplan (New York University), Ronald Zweig (New York University), Elissa Bemporad (CUNY), Lidia Santarelli (New York University)

November 3rd - December 3rd
YIVO Constantiner Gallery
15 West 16th Street

The Persecution of Jews in Italy. A Documentary History.
Curated by the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Milan.

Nov 3, 6:30 pm 
Beyond the Racial Laws Racism in Fascist Italy Reconsidered

Museum of Jewish Heritage | A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

Edmond J. Safra Plaza | 36 Battery Place
Admission: Free

Michele Sarfatti (CDEC, Milan), Annalisa Capristo (Center for American Studies, Rome), Guri Schwarz (University of Pisa) and Ilaria Pavan (University of Pisa).
Moderated by Alessandro Cassin (Centro Primo Levi)

Post-war Italian and international historiography had a tendency to downplay the racist components of Fascism. Starting in the 1980's some historians began to challenge this view. They undertook an examination of the intellectual and political landscape that shaped this prevalent opinion, while engaging in a new and thorough assessment of historical documents and data.
The scope and ideological foundation of the Fascist anti-Semitic legislation has recently emerged in its true dimensions through the findings of the "Italian Government Commission for reconstruction of the events characterizing the acquisition of Jewish assets by public and private bodies", active between 1999 and 2000.

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