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L'accordo fra Fondazione CDEC e ISSNAF - Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation


La Fondazione CDEC ha stipulato da poco un importante accordo con l'ISSNAF - Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation.

Riportiamo qui il testo dell'accordo e vi invitiamo a visitare il sito dell'ISSNAF 



Italy is home to one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world. The study of Italian Jewry and of its extraordinary legacy attracts scholars from all over the world. ISSNAF and CDEC-Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea partner to open up outstanding archives and libraries for North American researchers and scholars interested in the study of Italian Jewry, offering up to five visiting positions per term.

The Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea (CDEC), with the Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation (ISSNAF), offers to University students, graduate students , researchers and Faculty from the US and Canada the exceptional opportunity to access CDEC’s outstanding collection of information, primary sources, books and studies available in its library and archives (which contain both paper and photographic records dealing with the contemporary period), on the history of Italian Jewry, particularly in the following fields:

  1. Medieval and pre-modern periods
  2. Emancipation, Italian Risorgimento
  3. Fascism, Racial Laws, Shoah/Holocaust
  4. Relations between Italy and the State of Israel
  5. Life of contemporary Jewish communities in Italy
  6. Relations with Italian Christian communities (Romans Catholics, and Valdensians)
  7. Anti-Judaism, and Anti-Semitism
  8. Philo-Semitism and Christian-Jewish dialogue
  9. Art, music, literature, cinema, theatre
  10. Women's Studies


CDEC’s docents, archives and library staff will be available for assistance, orientation, and directives for accessing, consulting and using materials at CDEC center in Milan and to locate material available in other Italian libraries and archives, in collaboration with the Centro Primo Levi of New York and the Italian Association for Jewish Studies (AISG).

CDEC offers to its Fellows the assistance of a tutor, assigned shelves and carrels, and free internet access to university students, graduate and PhD students, researchers and teachers who apply for visiting positions to conduct research for a period of at least 5 working days in the periods: September-December (Fall Term), January-May (Winter/Spring Term), and June-July (Summer Term) of each year. (Please, consider that CDEC is closed on Italian and Jewish holidays).

Working knowledge / good knowledge of Italian is required for being able to consult primary sources and archival materials.


How to Apply

CDEC may host a maximum of 5 Fellows per term.

Applications (written in Italian or English) must be sent by email



May 15 for the Fall Term (September-December)

September 15 for the Winter/Spring Term (January-May)

January 15 for the Summer Term (June-July)

Applications received after the deadline will be considered if there is still availability by the Institute.


Other Requirements

Applicant must send a short summary of the research project (50-100 words); a letter written by the research Advisor for students, or, for researchers and faculty, a curriculum vitae. Applicant must indicate CDEC the period/periods of the visit.

The selection will be made according to the topic of research and the receiving dates of application.

NB: Accommodation is not provided; the candidate can independently search for an accommodation, or otherwise refer to the host institute which is committed to provide the candidate with information about available accommodation.


CDEC Contacts


ISSNAF Contacts

Gabriele Boccaccini:

Nicola Di Cosmo:


CDEC venue

via Eupili 8

20145 Milano, Italy

tel. +39 02 316338 / +39 02 316092


What’s CDEC?

The Fondazione Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea CDEC onlus [Foundation Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center - CDEC - non profit social-utility organization (ONLUS)] is an independent Institute for Italian Jewish History and Culture. Founded in Milan, the Foundation is a non-profit organization, legally recognized by Italian Presidential Decree of 17 April 1990.

The Federation of Italian Jewish Youth established the Centro di Documentazione Ebraica Contemporanea [Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center] (CDEC) in 1955 in celebration of the ten-year anniversary of the liberation of Italy, the fall of the Fascist government of the Italian Social Republic, and the end of Nazi occupation. According to its first by-laws, the aim of the CDEC was "to seek out and collect documents relating to the persecution of Jews in Italy and the Jewish contribution to the Resistance" and to disseminate them. In 1986, the CDEC had grown significantly and was established as the Foundation Jewish Contemporary Documentation Center - CDEC (CDEC Foundation).

The current by-laws of the CDEC Foundation state that the Foundation is an independent Institute under the aegis of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) and that it is subject to the surveillance by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and UCEI.

The CDEC Foundation by-laws also state that:

  • The task of the Foundation is to promote study of Jewish history, culture and society, with special emphasis on Italy and contemporary times, and to collect all pertinent documentation.
  • The Foundation seeks to counter all forms of racism and anti-Semitism, and to promote and safeguard civil rights.
  • The Foundation preserves the memory of the Fascist and Nazi persecution of the Jews.
  • All historical, archival or bibliographic materials are preserved by the Foundation as an inalienable asset of Italian Jewry.

The CDEC Foundation is the principal institute for the study of Jewish history, culture and life, particularly in regard to the contemporary period in Italy, the Fascist and Nazi persecutions, contemporary anti-Semitism, world Jewish history and the worldwide role of Jewish culture.

In virtue of its special commitment to document, research and preserve the memory of the Shoah, the CDEC Foundation may be regarded as the "place of memory" for the thousands of Italian Jews who were deported and murdered.

The CDEC Foundation has five main activity areas:

  1. Library;
  2. Historical Archives;
  3. Video-Library;
  4. Observatory on Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Prejudice in Italy;
  5. Shoah Educational Activities.

Each area collects documentation and maintains a large archive of publications, papers, photographs, movies, and other materials. Each collection is unique in Italy.

The Library collections explore all aspects of the Jewish world presence. Its main topic is the history of Jews in Italy, focusing on Fascist and Nazi persecutions, the history of Jews in Europe and the world, the Shoah, Zionism and Israel, Jewish literature and art. It includes 25,000 volumes and 2,000 collections of periodicals. Most of the books and periodicals were published after 1850, with the bulk published after 1920. Italian, English and French are the main languages.

The Historical Archives , which the Italian Government has declared "of great historical interest", keep archival documents from Jewish organizations or individuals dating from 1850, historical testimonies from persecuted Jews, and other types of documentation. It covers over 180 linear meters of shelving. One of the most important research efforts by the Historical Archives is a database of the approximately 8,000 Jews deported from or killed in Italy during the Shoah.

The Video-Library collects historical documents, TV broadcasts and movies of Jewish subject-matter or interest. It contains over 6,000 videos.

The Observatory on Contemporary Anti-Semitism and Prejudice in Italy investigates, documents and studies race-based thought and behavior. It has been collecting testimony and documentation since the 1960s, and has amassed materials covering some 40 linear meters of shelving.

The Shoah Educational Activities area provides programs and materials for teaching and communicating the history and the memory of the Shoah.

In addition to its work as a document repository, the CDEC Foundation is committed to scientific research and its dissemination. As the institute for the history and documentation of contemporary Italian Judaism, CDEC has dealings with public and private institutions, Jewish organizations, Italian educational and research institutes, and international research centers on Jewish history and the Shoah. Since its establishment, it has provided testimony and materials in support of judicial actions against Nazi criminals in the Italian and German courts.

The CDEC Foundation is included on the list of the major Italian cultural institutes supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.




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